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Laser Dentistry

FAQs about Laser Dentistry

If you’ve ever been worried about visiting the dentist simply because you’re afraid of pain and recovery time, there may be another option to ease your fears. Patients in Chicago, IL may be able to choose laser dentistry as an alternative to scalpels and drills. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about laser dentistry.

Laser Dentistry | The Loop, Chicago, IL

What is Laser Dentistry?

This FDA-approved dental procedure uses lasers instead traditional tools to cut away unhealthy tissue. Laser dentistry can also cure a new filling or aid in teeth whitening.

What is Laser Dentistry Used For?

Lasers can be used to remove tooth decay and to harden fillings. Laser dentistry may also be used to treat gum disease by removing bacteria and reshaping gums. Lasers are used during tooth whitening sessions to accelerate bleaching. This form of dentistry can also offer Loop Dental Care patients a no-scalpal alternative to lesion or canker sore removal.

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Patients often report that the benefits of laser dentistry include less pain than traditional drilling or scalpel methods of dentistry. Some dentists even report that less anesthesia is needed when using laser dentistry. Lasers can minimize bleeding during dental procedures and lessen swelling. This can help to reduce recovery time for many dental procedures.

Laser dentistry may also reduce anxiety in patients who become nervous at the sound of a dental drill. Another benefit is better precision during cavity removal. This helps to keep as much of the healthy tooth intact as possible.

Are There Disadvantages?

Like any procedure, there are risks and benefits to laser dentistry. This method is FDA-approved to treat many dental conditions, but it cannot be used in all cases. Your dentist will be able to determine if laser dentistry is right for you.

 Loop Dental Care in Chicago, IL offer laser dentistry to treat a variety of conditions. 

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